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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?
Yes, we have full public liability/event insurance in place.
How do I know how many tables to book?
Talk to us! We'll tailor make the perfect casino for your needs.
How do my guests know how to play?
Each table comes complete with a friendly croupier, who will be happy to show your guest how to play.
How much does it cost?
£185 per table, Rolladice £75. 1 table only is £200 (Discounts for repeat bookings/previous customers)
What do I need to do?
Just provide some prizes and a venue.
How do I book?
Again, talk to us! We are a family business, and like to deal with things at a personal level. After you have spoken to us and arranged a casino to suit you, a 20% non-refundable deposit will secure your booking.
What if I only need a small casino for a birthday party?
We will provide the perfect size casino to fit into your house or marquee. No job too small!
  Is it good for fund raising events?

You bet it is! We set our prices to make it affordable to all Sports & Social clubs no matter how small. At the other end of the scale we have helped to raise vast amounts of money at many Charity Balls.
Do I need a special licence?
No (Lotteries & Gaming Act 1976). Only fun-money will be exchanged for chips at the tables. After approximately 2 hours play the players holding the most value in chips (top 1-3) win the prize provided by the client.
What size are the gaming tables?
The Blackjack table is 6ft 6" long by 3ft 4" wide. The Roulette table is 7ft 6" long by 3ft 8" widening to 4ft 2" (wheel end)